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Support for Family Members of Fallen Away Catholics
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Welcome! God loves you!

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Welcome to our web site!  God loves YOU!

This web site was created to help active, practicing Catholics who are dealing with the pain of fallen away Catholics (spouse, children, etc.) in their lives.  We are here to offer support, hope, and prayers for one another and for our loved ones.

Why was this site created?

Why did I create this web site?  I have been married for several years, and for most of those years, my husband has been a fallen away Catholic.  He joined the Church before we got married, but fell away from the Church not long after we were married.  The silent pain I live with every day as a result of his being away from the Church has caused me to develop this web site, to reach out to others who may be in a similar situation.  Maybe your spouse is fallen away... maybe it is your children or even your parents... it doesn't matter WHO... as long as you experience pain, heartache, suffering, sorrow, distress, etc. as a result of a fallen away Catholic in your life, then this site is for YOU!  So join us on our journey today!  Only prayers and hopefully many blessings await!

With God All Things are Possible!

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